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Why choose Belmont Digital to make your home or business safe?

  • Reduce your insurance costs
  • FREE site visit
  • FREE pre-installation assessment (no obligation)
  • Expert and practical advice
  • Tidy and efficient installation
  • Same day repair and maintenance service


Having a professional CCTV system installed at can reduce the cost of your insurance

  • We offer a FREE site visit, where a pre-installation assessment will be conducted without any obligation
  • Our expert engineers will advise you on the best practical options available for your home or business
  • We will be on-hand to explain all about the more advanced features of modern CCTV, leaving you free to make an informed choice
  • We provide itemised quotations

Belmont Digital professionally installs the following

Wireless Security Cameras
No wires, no need to drill through walls, just a simple, clean and efficient installation.

Remote Access
CCTV cameras can be linked to your iPhone or Android smartphone for remote viewing, no matter where in the world you are.

Outdoor Cameras
Built to withstand any environmental elements, these can be displayed or hidden for surveillance purposes.

Motion Detection
Infra-red sensors detect movement and instantaneously activate the camera. Can also be combined with audio.

Night Vision
Powerful night vision allows you to capture footage in complete darkness at long range. Can also record to hard drive disks.

CCTV Camera Maintenance
Same day repair and maintenance of your security camera system.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Show any potential burglar you’re serious about security by having one of our professional engineers supply and install your alarm system.

  • Wireless Alarm Systems can be installed without the need for drilling through walls and floors or pulling up carpets and furnishings.
  • They can work as well as any of the leading brands of wired alarm systems when installed correctly.
  • Can also be modified or added to at a later date without any mess or upheaval.

Belmont Digital will design a system for you that can notify you when a sensor is triggered and that, when called upon, will act as a great deterrent to any would-be intruder.

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